Open Carry Love

On Saturday at the Four Freedoms rally in Pittsfield, MA, I saw a poster that said: “Open Carry LOVE between my BROTHERS and my SISTERS ALL OVER this LAND…” Wish I had a pic of that one to share with you! In the meantime, here’s another favorite: As for myself, I did not make a […]

Unity = (Diversity) to the nth…

I’m writing this blog post primarily for those of us who identify as somewhere on the liberal-to-progressive spectrum, as that’s the broader community whose political views I know best.  Since these are the folks whom I tend to expect to ‘get it’, it’s also where I can get most disappointed. Recently, some commentators have been […]

Arriving at Shared Truths Together

This can seem like an impossible thing, these days… even as it’s clear that we, especially here in the U.S.,  need it more than ever! Yet many of us know from experience that it is indeed possible, though it often takes real incentives to bring people to the table in the first place. And even […]

Celebrating Our Diversity: Now More Than Ever…

As part of the broad community of people in the U.S. who sought a different outcome in the recent elections, I’ve been listening deeply to the various responses being offered in the last few weeks, and also to my own heart. Those of us who identify as somewhere on the democratic-to-progressive spectrum are a diverse […]

Coming Home to the Art of Collaboration

In a few short days, I will be flying out to join some of my larger tribe at the European Art of Collaboration,  an edgy and inspiring gathering taking place in Donostia, Spain — also known as San Sebastian. I have felt HUGELY excited, from the moment I first learned about this gathering. At the […]

A Fresh Take on “Process”, and more…

Ever since I read Eugene Eric Kim’s latest blog post on “not liking process” a few days ago, I’ve been jumping-up-and-down-excited about sharing it with others. If you are in the field of group facilitation and/or consulting work, you have most likely have run across your fair share of folks who “don’t like process.” Check […]

New Article in Spanda Journal

I’m writing this blog post to celebrate the publication of my recent article on”Participatory Public Policy Microcosms: Diversity and Empathy as Generators of Creative Wholeness.” It was published in a  recent issue of Spanda Journal, and the image above is from the cover of that issue. One cool thing is getting to have my article […]

Systemic Work and Dynamic Facilitation

Sometimes when we learn something new, it helps us to see something familiar, in a new way. My husband Bruce has just pointed out a new metaphor for the emergence-based facilitation work I do, and I’m so excited about it!  Here is the story… Last year, Bruce began to dive deeply into Systemic and Family […]