Expanding Our Sense of Possibility

thistles&beeHello dear readers,

I’ve been slowing down a bit, trying to stretch out these last few days of summer…

AND, I have something for you. Something simple, like a beautiful smooth stone, or a seashell…

except that it’s a question. A question designed to awaken our capacity to wonder, and to expand our sense of possibility…

what if… what if…

What would be different,

if we understood “negativity”,

as the outward appearance

of people’s frustrated hopes and dreams?

I heard this question a few weeks ago, offered by Jacob Storch during a “Kaleidoscope” learning activity that took place at the Dialogic Organization Development one-day conference in Vancouver, B.C on August 6th.

I was immediately moved by it, as this particular inquiry resonates deeply with the work we do in Dynamic Facilitation. I would even say that this is the underlying question we are embodying, whenever we facilitate in this way…

At the same time, we don’t need to be facilitating, in order to be living this question! Just as we can live “open space principles” all of the time, regardless of whether we happen to be at a formal Open Space Technology event — we can also live this question, whenever and wherever we find ourselves to be.

So, that’s about it for now…

I don’t have any upcoming public workshops at the moment to let you know about, until April 2016 in Germany… where Holger Scholz and I will be offering a Basic Dynamic Facilitation workshop from April 4 – 6,
and a Mastery DF workshop from the 7- 9.

If and when we schedule more workshops, I’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime… enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

wishing you all the best,


4 thoughts on “Expanding Our Sense of Possibility

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jane! Indeed, compassion and gentle curiosity are wonderful places where we can rest, “lean in” and draw strength from, in our listening practice…

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