an experiment…

hello again! in case you’ve not noticed, I’ve been an infrequent blogger at best… 🙂 at times over the years, I’ve wanted to share something here, yet worried that it might be too academic or geeky… other times, I wanted to write on a topic that seemed a bit afield from “The Listening Arts”. Or, […]

Creativity, Emergent Process, and Psychological Safety

Parallels we’ve experienced between Constellations and Dynamic Facilitation The following sketch of the underlying dynamics of emergence began as a conversation between Halina Rozensztrauch and my husband Bruce Nayowith, about the dynamics of Constellations experiences they had shared. It then evolved as Bruce and I began to explore the parallels between Constellations and Dynamic Facilitation. […]

Diving Deep, and Finding New Ways Forward…

While only an occasional blogger at best, this has been quite a hiatus for me: it’s been a year since my last post here. In addition to work with facilitation and coaching clients, and a concerted effort to make progress on my doctoral studies, there were several months of working as a volunteer with Marianne […]

Mind and Heart

Recently, I’ve been working with colleagues on a revision to the Wise Democracy Pattern Language. We are about to publish a 2.0 card deck which will soon be available for purchase, unlike the previous version which was only available in a do-it-yourself, download-and-print format.     It’s been a real pleasure to be working on this […]

vTaiwan: activism, deliberative democracy, & social change

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Council on the Uncertain Human Future. It was an extremely rich and rewarding experience, contemplating the existential implications of climate change, in the context of deep community — and I am still planning to write a full-length post about it, soon. However, I got a bit […]

More resources for Opening Minds and Hearts

It’s just been a few days since I wrote my last blog post, “Open Carry Love“. I’ve been a fairly infrequent blogger, so I was not planning on posting again so soon. Yet last night, I attended an online webinar sponsored by some of the organizers of the Women’s March. There were eleven thousand participants […]

Open Carry Love

On Saturday at the Four Freedoms rally in Pittsfield, MA, I saw a poster that said: “Open Carry LOVE between my BROTHERS and my SISTERS ALL OVER this LAND…” Wish I had a pic of that one to share with you! In the meantime, here’s another favorite: As for myself, I did not make a […]

Unity = (Diversity) to the nth…

I’m writing this blog post primarily for those of us who identify as somewhere on the liberal-to-progressive spectrum, as that’s the broader community whose political views I know best.  Since these are the folks whom I tend to expect to ‘get it’, it’s also where I can get most disappointed. Recently, some commentators have been […]