Update, as of March 2023…

SO happy to celebrate, that my dissertation is at the copy-editors! It has been a looong process.. and, I am also celebrating the launch of my new newsletter / email list, The Listening Arts… I will continue to share my learnings and musings there, on the various topics I’ve blogged about here in the past, […]

Research-and-Action Notes

“Democracy may not exist, but we’ll miss it when it’s gone” –the provocative title to Astra Taylor’s awesome book – is feeling hugely apt to the times we are in. It’s 2022, and here in the U.S. many of us are extremely concerned about the next elections. It’s clear that some are attempting to regain […]

an experiment…

hello again! in case you’ve not noticed, I’ve been an infrequent blogger at best… 🙂 at times over the years, I’ve wanted to share something here, yet worried that it might be too academic or geeky… other times, I wanted to write on a topic that seemed a bit afield from “The Listening Arts”. Or, […]

Creativity, Emergent Process, and Psychological Safety

Parallels we’ve experienced between Constellations and Dynamic Facilitation The following sketch of the underlying dynamics of emergence began as a conversation between Halina Rozensztrauch and my husband Bruce Nayowith, about the dynamics of Constellations experiences they had shared. It then evolved as Bruce and I began to explore the parallels between Constellations and Dynamic Facilitation. […]

Diving Deep, and Finding New Ways Forward…

While only an occasional blogger at best, this has been quite a hiatus for me: it’s been a year since my last post here. In addition to work with facilitation and coaching clients, and a concerted effort to make progress on my doctoral studies, there were several months of working as a volunteer with Marianne […]

Mind and Heart

Recently, I’ve been working with colleagues on a revision to the Wise Democracy Pattern Language. We are about to publish a 2.0 card deck which will soon be available for purchase, unlike the previous version which was only available in a do-it-yourself, download-and-print format.     It’s been a real pleasure to be working on this […]

vTaiwan: activism, deliberative democracy, & social change

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Council on the Uncertain Human Future. It was an extremely rich and rewarding experience, contemplating the existential implications of climate change, in the context of deep community — and I am still planning to write a full-length post about it, soon. However, I got a bit […]

More resources for Opening Minds and Hearts

It’s just been a few days since I wrote my last blog post, “Open Carry Love“. I’ve been a fairly infrequent blogger, so I was not planning on posting again so soon. Yet last night, I attended an online webinar sponsored by some of the organizers of the Women’s March. There were eleven thousand participants […]