Coming Home to the Art of Collaboration

In a few short days, I will be flying out to join some of my larger tribe at the European Art of Collaboration,  an edgy and inspiring gathering taking place in Donostia, Spain — also known as San Sebastian. I have felt HUGELY excited, from the moment I first learned about this gathering. At the […]

A Fresh Take on “Process”, and more…

Ever since I read Eugene Eric Kim’s latest blog post on “not liking process” a few days ago, I’ve been jumping-up-and-down-excited about sharing it with others. If you are in the field of group facilitation and/or consulting work, you have most likely have run across your fair share of folks who “don’t like process.” Check […]

New Article in Spanda Journal

I’m writing this blog post to celebrate the publication of my recent article on”Participatory Public Policy Microcosms: Diversity and Empathy as Generators of Creative Wholeness.” It was published in a  recent issue of Spanda Journal, and the image above is from the cover of that issue. One cool thing is getting to have my article […]

Systemic Work and Dynamic Facilitation

Sometimes when we learn something new, it helps us to see something familiar, in a new way. My husband Bruce has just pointed out a new metaphor for the emergence-based facilitation work I do, and I’m so excited about it!  Here is the story… Last year, Bruce began to dive deeply into Systemic and Family […]

New Year’s Inspirations…

A belated Happy New Year’s greetings to you, dear reader… I’ve been hibernating a bit more than usual, over these winter holidays. I feel like a bear that is taking a peep out of its winter cave!  In the last few months, the recent slew of tragedies in our larger world have inspired me to […]

Empathy and Creative Innovation

A few weeks ago, I received an brief e-mail from Seung Chan Lim, otherwise known as Slim. He had come across my DiaPraxis website (and possibly, my paper on Empathy and Collaborative Meaning-Making) and wanted to know about upcoming workshops. As I started to write him back, I noticed his email address was connected to […]