Systemic Work and Dynamic Facilitation

Sometimes when we learn something new, it helps us to see something familiar, in a new way. My husband Bruce has just pointed out a new metaphor for the emergence-based facilitation work I do, and I’m so excited about it!  Here is the story… Last year, Bruce began to dive deeply into Systemic and Family […]

New Year’s Inspirations…

A belated Happy New Year’s greetings to you, dear reader… I’ve been hibernating a bit more than usual, over these winter holidays. I feel like a bear that is taking a peep out of its winter cave!  In the last few months, the recent slew of tragedies in our larger world have inspired me to […]

Empathy and Creative Innovation

A few weeks ago, I received an brief e-mail from Seung Chan Lim, otherwise known as Slim. He had come across my DiaPraxis website (and possibly, my paper on Empathy and Collaborative Meaning-Making) and wanted to know about upcoming workshops. As I started to write him back, I noticed his email address was connected to […]

Expanding Our Sense of Possibility

Hello dear readers, I’ve been slowing down a bit, trying to stretch out these last few days of summer… AND, I have something for you. Something simple, like a beautiful smooth stone, or a seashell… except that it’s a question. A question designed to awaken our capacity to wonder, and to expand our sense of […]

Mourning, Celebrating, and Finding Our Way Together….

Hello dear friends and readers…. I’ve just returned from an 11-day visit to North Carolina, connecting with local folks there who are committed to hosting supportive spaces for challenging conversations. While several of them had already taken a seminar or two in Dynamic Facilitation, they have also realized that this work is an on-going practice, […]

Something Beautiful…

This morning, a friend wrote to say that she had come across something that reminded her of me, and of my work with Dynamic Facilitation. I followed the link she sent and found something beautiful: an essay by Jeannette Armstrong, called “Let Us Begin with Courage”. Here are a few quotes from it: “The word […]