Empathy and Creative Innovation

A few weeks ago, I received an brief e-mail from Seung Chan Lim, otherwise known as Slim. He had come across my DiaPraxis website (and possibly, my paper on Empathy and Collaborative Meaning-Making) and wanted to know about upcoming workshops. As I started to write him back, I noticed his email address was connected to […]

Expanding Our Sense of Possibility

Hello dear readers, I’ve been slowing down a bit, trying to stretch out these last few days of summer… AND, I have something for you. Something simple, like a beautiful smooth stone, or a seashell… except that it’s a question. A question designed to awaken our capacity to wonder, and to expand our sense of […]

Mourning, Celebrating, and Finding Our Way Together….

Hello dear friends and readers…. I’ve just returned from an 11-day visit to North Carolina, connecting with local folks there who are committed to hosting supportive spaces for challenging conversations. While several of them had already taken a seminar or two in Dynamic Facilitation, they have also realized that this work is an on-going practice, […]

Something Beautiful…

This morning, a friend wrote to say that she had come across something that reminded her of me, and of my work with Dynamic Facilitation. I followed the link she sent and found something beautiful: an essay by Jeannette Armstrong, called “Let Us Begin with Courage”. Here are a few quotes from it: “The word […]

Practical Dialogue and Creative Deliberation

One of my first teachers with regard to dialogue was the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. My mother is professor emeritus at University of San Francisco, where she immersed her doctoral students in transformative education and participatory research. She invited Paulo to the U.S. several times to work with her students, and he soon became a […]

Differentiation and Integration

I come to my group facilitation work from a Focusing background. Focusing is a deep listening practice that invites us to connect with the fresh edge of our experiencing, that which is still-being-formed. We often do this work in pairs, offering “loving-caring Presence”  to our own internal process. We practice being receptive to the larger […]

What is Dynamic Inquiry?

Dynamic Facilitation is a significant part of what I do as a facilitator, and I have published a detailed manual about that approach as a book. This new book I am writing here, is about the other aspects of what I do as a facilitator to help a group enter into that “sweet spot”, sometimes […]

Easing shifts in group dynamics, with a new twist on the conventional “agenda”…

Agenda…  the word is loaded with meaning, spanning both one realm that is extremely logical and rational, as well as another that is deeper, more fraught, and generally less conscious.  I recently made a discovery that fits somewhere in the dance between these two…. This particular small group seemed to be in the throes of […]