an experiment…

sunset in the Berkshires… photo taken by author… all rights reserved

hello again!

in case you’ve not noticed, I’ve been an infrequent blogger at best… 🙂

at times over the years, I’ve wanted to share something here, yet worried that it might be too academic or geeky… other times, I wanted to write on a topic that seemed a bit afield from “The Listening Arts”. Or, even if the theme was quite relevant, I wondered if I might reach new readers by writing on a different platform. And so, I’ve created a small collection of articles over on Medium.

most recently, I’m celebrating a milestone in my doctoral journey — my dissertation proposal has been approved, and i am now officially a “doctoral candidate” — and so I am celebrating by starting an online journal in, of all places… Google Docs!

I’m calling it “Group Facilitation and Innovations in Democracy“, and it definitely has a geeky bent to it. One of my intentions there, is to keep track of various inspirations I encounter, along this last leg of dissertation research-and-writing. At the same time, the content does very much have to do with “The Listening Arts”… and so I wanted you, my readers here, to know about it.

so, a more academically-oriented personal journal… but why Google Docs??? Well, that’s part of the experiment… I’ve set the doc to comment mode, so people can leave comments, as they read… not just at the bottom, as here on WordPress or over Medium…

and, I am very curious to see what will happen! Do feel free to check it out, whether or not you leave a comment… though I’d love to read your thoughts, here, there, or anywhere… 🙂

I do still plan to add new posts here, from time to time… while I enjoy academic research, I am definitely a practitioner at heart! And as such, deeply committed to the research-in-action that we all engage in daily, as practitioners of the listening arts…

and so, I’d love to hear from you… what experiments are you currently carrying out, in your life, your work, and/or your listening practice? What are you learning… discovering… stumbling over… rejoicing in… drawing inspiration from?

with all best holiday wishes for meaningful moments of joy, amidst the various challenges…


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