Update, as of March 2023…

SO happy to celebrate, that my dissertation is at the copy-editors! It has been a looong process..

and, I am also celebrating the launch of my new newsletter / email list, The Listening Arts

I will continue to share my learnings and musings there, on the various topics I’ve blogged about here in the past, but hopefully in a somewhat more organized fashion! Do sign up, if you feel so called…

Meanwhile, I hope to also do some more frequent writing here. I am FINALLY learning to navigate WordPress a bit,
and learn more about what’s possible on this site.

While I appreciate the interactive aspect of the blog, I’ve never really attempted to “grow my audience”, instead giving myself this “.org” space as a semi-private sandbox to play in…

In contrast, the new newsletter(s) will be much more outwardly focused, and a way to do some outreach. Maybe I’m finally ready to come out of hiding… 🙂

Anyway, do feel free to drop a comment below, with whatever is most alive for you, these days…

with much appreciation,


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