Differentiation and Integration

I come to my group facilitation work from a Focusing background. Focusing is a deep listening practice that invites us to connect with the fresh edge of our experiencing, that which is still-being-formed. We often do this work in pairs, offering “loving-caring Presence”  to our own internal process. We practice being receptive to the larger wisdom flowing through our body-mind as we welcome our felt senses, and allow them to unfold. We remain willing to be surprised by the meanings that emerge, as we resonate between our conscious thinking mind, and our broader body-mind awareness.

As Focusing practice has grown, different teachers have developed different forms of it. There is Whole-Body Focusing, Inner Relationship Focusing, Domain Focusing, Community Wellness Focusing, etc. This natural process of differentiation has served to make our field richer and stronger. It’s also key that at our various conferences and gatherings, there are opportunities for people to learn from these different modalities, and to integrate these various approaches.

This is what I feel happening now, in my own work with regard to task group facilitation. I recently published my book on Dynamic Facilitation, twelve years after I first began to write it. Now, I am feeling inspired to write about the many different threads that have come together in my work with groups, to form a distinctive fabric of meaning and practice. I am calling this body of work Dynamic Inquiry. I want to both differentiate it from what came before, and also, to honor the on-going connection with my long-time roots in this particular non-linear approach to group facilitation.

We are each “Original Medicine”. In this new book, I want to honor my ancestors, all of them, while also making an offering to the seven generations and beyond.

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