What is Dynamic Inquiry?

Dynamic Facilitation is a significant part of what I do as a facilitator, and I have published a detailed manual about that approach as a book. This new book I am writing here, is about the other aspects of what I do as a facilitator to help a group enter into that “sweet spot”, sometimes known as the “flow zone.” I want to honor the many teachers who have deeply influenced my work…

Dynamic Inquiry is also my name for what the group itself is doing, when the magic of human co-creation is happening in the room.

You may call that by a different name. That’s fine by me! I speak several different languages, and would love to learn many more.

In fact, “what do you mean, when you say x?” is one of the most powerful questions we can ask in a group – especially whenever we notice that we’ve been acting as though we already knew the answer.

This question comes from my teacher Eugene Gendlin, the founder of Focusing. He has described this question as containing  the “essence” of his entire Thinking at the Edge process; he also loves to emphasize how the tone in which we ask this question, is extremely important.

 What do you mean (said with respect, acceptance, warmth, invitation…)

           .. when you say “x”? (in a tone that is already conveying, my willingness to value your unique contribution)

 Whenever I ask this question, I am not attempting to “define” a term. Instead, I am attempting to learn about the unique meaning that it has, for you.

And, whenever a whole group ends up becoming curious about one another’s meanings, magic happens!

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